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Security Onion Solutions is the only official support provider. We've been helping catch the bad guys since 2014!
Support and Professional Services
Enterprise Deployments
From architecture and hardware planning to step-by-step remote deployment, our team will be there to help you with your Security Onion infrastructure at any scale.
We'll use best practices to tune Security Onion components for optimal performance including metadata, signatures, packet capture retention, packet loss, and backend applications.
Have a problem? Let us bring our years of collective experience to the issue.
Need something else with Security Onion? We might be able to help. Contact us for more information.
Benefits of Purchasing Support
Basic Q&A
Private support
Priority response
Architecture planning
Remote assistance
Advanced configuration support
Support development of Security Onion
Community Support
The Security Onion user base is large, and often times others have run into similar problems or have asked questions that might help you with your own Security Onion installation or troubleshooting.
Browse the Security Onion official discussion forums to find support on common issues. Ask for help from other community members, or return the favor by offering your own solutions to other users' discussions.
Not ready for premium support? Take a look at the Security Onion community support content and discussions.