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Security Onion Conference 2024
October 4, 2024 Augusta, GA
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Who Should Attend
If you use, or are considering using Security Onion, then you should attend Security Onion Conference! Find out what's new with Security Onion, learn best practices and exchange ideas with other users.
If you're generally interested in things like intrusion detection, network security monitoring, enterprise security monitoring, log management, hunting, and blue teaming, then you should consider attending Security Onion Conference!
Security Onion Conference Schedule
October 4, 2024
8:00 AM
Doors open; Chick-fil-A breakfast
9:00 AM
Opening Remarks
9:15 AM
Dr. Kelley Misata ⓘ
A Decade (plus) in Open Source: Evolution, Challenges, and Sustaining Success ⓘ
10:10 AM
Matt Gracie ⓘ
Security Onion as a Teaching Platform ⓘ
10:55 AM
Morning Break
11:15 AM
Wes Lambert ⓘ
From Bytes to Insights: Furnishing Context from Files within Security Onion ⓘ
12:00 PM
Southern BBQ Lunch
1:00 PM
Pete Di Giorgio ⓘ
Going Interplanetary with Jupyter Notebooks ⓘ
1:55 PM
Peter Manev ⓘ
Meerkat - En Garde! Previously unseen communications! ⓘ
2:40 PM
Afternoon Break
3:00 PM
Tricky Tray Raffle
3:10 PM
4:05 PM
Doug Burks ⓘ
State of the Onion
Past Conferences
Security Onion Conference 2023
October 6, 2023 Augusta, GA
[Keynote] Having an Impact: Focusing on making a difference in defense
Dave Kennedy
Phish Fights and Not So Long Nights with Security Onion and Sublime Platform
Wes Lambert&
Josh Kamdjou
They're digging in the wrong place: Diagnosing and dealing with one-sided traffic
Scott Hall
Enrich Your Data and Your Life
Pete Di Giorgio
Defensive Intel with Security Onion
Josh Brower
Achieving PEAK Performance: Introducing the PEAK Threat Hunting Framework
David Bianco
State of the Onion
Doug Burks
Security Onion Conference 2022
September 30, 2022 Augusta, GA
Watching the Watchers: Layering Detection and Deception to Defend Visibility
Wes Lambert
SOAR, SOC, and Scholars - How UofSC Develops its Security Operations Processes, Staff, and Students
Robert Wilson,
Alex Galloway&
Jonathan Martin
Increasing your Situational Awareness with SOC Dashboards
Josh Brower
Tuning ICS Security Alerts: An Alarm Management Approach
Chris Sistrunk
Detecting Suspicious Activity on Linux Endpoints Using Security Onion
Bryant Treacle&
Brandon Larson
State of the Onion
Doug Burks
Security Onion Conference 2021
Oct 1, 2021 Augusta, GA
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Doug Burks
SOARing with Security Onion
Wes Lambert
Hunting Malware with Suricata Metadata
Josh Stroschein
Layers of Deception: Intrusion Detection Honeypots with Security Onion
Josh Brower&
Chris Sanders
Developers Panel
Josh Brower,
Doug Burks,
Jason Ertel,
Wes Lambert,
Josh Patterson&
Mike Reeves
Detection Engineering: Defending Networks with Purpose
Peter Di Giorgio
State of the Onion
Doug Burks
Security Onion Conference 2020
Oct 16, 2020 Online
Information and Announcements about Security Onion
Mike Reeves&
Doug Burks
Security Onion 2 Demo
Doug Burks
Security Onion Conference 2019
Oct 18, 2019 Augusta, GA
Augmenting the Onion: Facilitating Enhanced Detection and Response with Open Source Tools
Wes Lambert
Creativity, Intelligence, and Security Analyst Thinking Modes
Chris Sanders&
Stef Rand
Constructing Your Playbook within Security Onion
Josh Brower
Building a Detection Lab with SecurityOnion
Wylie Bayes
Finding traffic anomalies using SSL certificates
Bryant Treacle
Peeling Back the Layers: Using Security Onion to See Adversary Activity through All Phases of the Kill Chain
Benjamin Klimkowski&
Sean Eyre
State of the Onion
Doug Burks
Security Onion Conference 2018
Oct 22, 2018 Augusta, GA
Save Time with Modern Filtering Techniques
Mark Jeanmougin
Blue, Red, Purple, White: Which team are you on?
Don Murdoch
Welcome to Georgia Cyber Center
Todd Gay
Pcaps Ahoy!
Brad Duncan
Integrating Osquery into Security Onion
Josh Brower
Getting the Most out of Freq and Domain_Stats
Mark Baggett
Introduction to Data Analysis
David Bianco
State of the Onion
Doug Burks&
Mike Reeves
Security Onion Conference 2017
Sep 18, 2017 Augusta, GA
Arming Small Security Programs: Network Baseline Generation and Alerts with Bropy
Matt Domko
Building your Sec Ops Use Case
Don Murdoch
Snort: History and Vision
Joel Esler
Orchestrating into SO-OODA
Rob Gresham
Pivoting Effectively to Catch More Bad Guys
Chris Sanders
State of the Onion
Doug Burks
Security Onion Conference 2016
Sep 13, 2016 Augusta, GA
C2 Phone Home: Leveraging Security Onion to Identify C&C Channels
Eric Conrad
ICS/SCADA Network Security Monitoring in Difficult Scenarios
Robert M. Lee
Uncovering Persistence With Autoruns & Security Onion
Josh Brower
The Investigation Labyrinth
Chris Sanders
ELSA 2.0
Martin Holste
Practical Cyborgism: Machine Learning for Bro Logs
Chris McCubbin
My Use of Security Onion as a researcher
Brad Duncan
Simplifying Home Security with CHIVE
Nathan Crews&
Tanner Payne
State of the Onion
Doug Burks
Security Onion Conference 2015
Sep 11, 2015 Augusta, GA
Looking Back Over a Quarter Century of Network Monitoring
Todd Heberlein
Detect it Once
Seth Hall
Security Event Data in the OODA Loop Model
Martin Holste
Industrially Hardened Security Onion Sensor
Chris Sistrunk
Using Sysmon to Enrich Security Onion's Host-Level Capabilities
Josh Brower
Threat Intel Powered IDS
Chris Montgomery
Security Onion Conference 2014
Sep 12, 2014 Augusta, GA
Keynote Speech
Richard Bejtlich
Why I Built Snorby and the Future of Security Interfaces
Dustin Webber
SQUERT - An Open Source Web Interface for NSM Data
Paul Halliday
Martin Holste
Scaling Security Onion to the Enterprise
Mike Reeves
The Security Onion Cloud Client
Josh Brower
Using Flow Data Effectively
Chris Sanders&
Jason Smith
Learn Analysis and Forensics for Free** with Security Onion
Ben Knowles
Custodiet MSSP Framework
Tim Krabec
Contributing to Security Onion
Scott Runnels
State of the Onion, Q&A, Closing Remarks
Doug Burks